The Statement of Faith: Belief that God is One in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That God is in control of every moment and everything works to meet His purpose. Even Satan acts as God decrees, which may be through ignorance but surely in disgust.

This Blog is about understanding the Word of God that is in the Bible alone. If you are coming to believe in Jesus then that is because God chose you before the foundation of the world and is calling you to be one among His people.

The blog cleaves to the concept that God is Sovereign and Almighty. The blog does not see God as a ‘helpless being‘ waiting for people to cleave to the Salvation in His Son. The blog believes that God chooses His people from among every nation and tribe of the world and it is He who brings people to believe in Him and believe also of how He paid the price for man’s Salvation on the cross.

The blog refutes any concept of Salvation by merit, be it either praying or fasting or visiting holy places or charity or making any statements. This is rubbished by this blog because people go to heaven because God is good, not because man is good and this is only seen by the Salvation worked out on the cross.

This blog is meant to trash the daylights out of all heresies but more over to Glorify God as the Sovereign and Almighty being that He is.

This blog Makes Known Christ’ victory over sin and Satan, who is the dragon who continues to deceive the world with his lies about God.