About this blog

The Statement of Faith: Belief that God is One in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That God is in control of every moment and everything works to meet His purpose. Even Satan acts as God decrees, not in thought or intention, but surely in deed.

The blog posts posted here calls out the vanity of an unbelieving lifestyle, and in doing so encourages people to come to faith in Jesus and enjoy God as a new creation in Christ that delights in living by God’s Law as outlined in the Word of God, which is the Bible alone.

The blog’s underlying doctrine is that God is Sovereign and Almighty. It does not picture God as a ‘helpless being“, pleading with people to come to terms with the Salvation God offers us in His Son, because it is God who chooses His people from every nation and tribe of the world, & brings them to faith.

The blog refutes any doctrine of Salvation based on merit, be it either praying or fasting or visiting holy places or charity or making any statements. Salvation by such means is utter rubbish, because the only place where people get what they really deserve is hell, heaven on the other hand is for those whom God has regenerated by the power of His Spirit by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and mankind.

Doctrinally, the blog is aligned along Post-Millennial Reformed Christianity and serves to Make Known Christ’ victory over sin and Satan, who is the dragon holding the world in his sway through murder, thievery & deception.

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