Salvation: God’s Will Over Man’s Will!

You may ask me, does man have such a thing as free will? Well, the answer is yes obviously but it doesn’t supersede the sovereign will of God in Salvation.

The TULIP of Calvinism

The five points of Calvinism can be remembered by the simple acronym: TULIP, which is as follows:

• Total Depravity
• Unconditional Election
• Limited Atonement
• Irresistible Grace
• Perseverance of the Saints

Total Depravity! (poem)

When I approach His throne of grace, The stench of my being fills my face. I feel so strongly to glorify His Name, What contrast! His glory is to my shame! By myself I pay trespass for trespass, But it’s out of His goodness that I continue to last. My sin is like my bedContinue reading “Total Depravity! (poem)”