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Design Perfect Chaos!

Why is it that man is hassled by chaos?
It is because he prefers life to be served to him,
Like it were all available at a kiosk.
What is ‘chaos’ in a person’s mind?
It’s having as much control on life,
As a man who walks, though he is blind!

It’s like when you step into a fish market,
You can’t decipher who is saying what and to whom.
You’ve come by car when there is no place to park it!
So what is all this?
It is about us who love control,
Told we are mere stewards in a world that is His!

Since the fall of Adam in the garden,
Man received his own standard of righteousness.
This was Separate from God and without pardon!
Adam’s falls has changed our perspective of life,
Where what we cannot control, we despise,
As righteousness is now each one’s own, toward eternal strife.

So Chaos truly, is because man is unruly!

Man from His fall is crippled,
And so such a thing as trusting God,
Makes man think that his strife would be tripled.
Ideally, there is no such thing as chaos,
But man disbelieves God controls all,
As fall’s sting leaves man as dumbfounded as a sea horse.

This is the break from the rat race,
Every natural man runs,
As though it were keeping to life’s only pace!
To believe in one’s heart that God controls all,
Requires man to put away pride
And admit of oneself, folly from the fall.

Life is not for man to control,
And to even desire such a thing,
Shows man is since Adam, a depraved being on the roll.
A man’s desire to control every outcome,
Shows his broken communion with God,
Who is infinitely beyond all creation, even their sum!

If you asked: how much better,
Are the works of God as compared to men?
Then view the detail in a thread of a sweater!
Take a look at blood under a microscope,
And you see! The perfect design of an RBC!
While a thread appears as a chaotic kaleidoscope!

Man may believe only what he sees,
So Chaos is man’s incapacity to look beyond himself,
And see Almighty God working all things to the ‘T’.
Even if a person completed his doctorate with a brilliant thesis,
He still misses out on a rich relationship with God,
If this person knows not the Lord Jesus!

Like a person sitting pillion on a motorcycle,
and barely trust the rider,
Such is worried sick even when the engine runs idle,
So also it is with us men naturally,
Who trust not God,
But trust men, instead of God, fearfully!

So I close by inviting every person to remember,
That one need not substitute God’s solutions in the Bible,
For there is blessing in obeying His Law from January to December!
His Moral Law commands you first to love God above all,
Second, to love every neighbour as you do yourself,
And may God by His grace grant you a break from Adam’s fall!

– Poem by Fergus Davar
P.S. This is a poem I had submitted for a secular publication and it was rejected. So here it is for you to read and enjoy i.e. if you like reading material that glorifies God and humbles man.

Between God and man; a poem!

There are times man ponders on himself,
That had he not existed,
Would anything matter to himself?

So as he sees himself as the center in all he knows,
He thinks he himself is god,
And that’s the way the world goes,
Cause had he not existed, would anything matter to him so?

But how can that which comes to being be self existent?
Or how that which grows be Omnipotent?
Can that which is learning say it knows all things?
When as life goes on, it the unknown brings.

Satan was probably first who sought to be God,
Until he was smitten by Jesse’s Rod,
God is a Jealous God and tolerates no rivals,
And even the spirit of the anti-Christ serves His purpose in denial,
As all things are created to meet a certain purpose of His,
Which even Satan fulfills, in as much betrayal as in Judas’ kiss.

Man can never become God though God became man,
For as long as man is learning or growing, become God, he never can.
But when man is convinced he knows all,
What awaits this god is only downfall.

In Christ, the fullness of His eternal Father dwelled,
But as a man His meekness meant His head never swelled.
He dealt harshly with hypocritical power,
And to the bruised reed He was their Strong tower.

So fellow man, if it’s you and not Christ around whom you center,
Then the fire you shall inherit shall strike faster that magenta.

Total Depravity! (poem)

When I approach His throne of grace,
The stench of my being fills my face.
I feel so strongly to glorify His Name,
What contrast! His glory is to my shame!

By myself I pay trespass for trespass,
But it’s out of His goodness that I continue to last.
My sin is like my bed which upon I rest,
And this I cover by pride, way over my head and chest.

Things sometimes feel like they can’t get any worse,
& then I do something to give into my desire’s thirst.
His Spirit councils to quiet my rebelling,
But am a victim of feelings consuming but never fulfilling.

Of myself I have little control.
After the relations I have ravaged,
By His goodness I am still on parole.

God in His goodness is always Sovereign!
And He converts to life, hearts solid and frozen.
So when I look in worship into His marvelous face,
I am reminded of my depraved and sinful distaste.

I have sinfully sought many a other pleasure,
When Christ ought to be my first and only treasure.
As assuredly as I have life I know of His providence,
And when He decrees then I shall take every thought captive to Him in obedience.

This piece of my life is the painful part of His threshing,
Where what is born of His Spirit is the wheat in me beginning.
And my mutinies are like the dead chaff painfully dwindling.

So I pray to my loving Father,
That I may trust Christ and no other,
& may His Spirit sanctify me through the blood of my Firstborn Brother.

Our Sovereign God! (poem)

Where most people in this world blink,
Is in the thought that God only knows many a thing.
They seem to find it hard to think,
That God even decrees the action of their sins that stink.

If you were to ask: would God decree that what He speaks against?
Think then of the Pharaoh who kept His people as slaves fenced.
Did God not ask Pharaoh to let His people go?
Yet He made him stubborn to make known His All-Might so.

This Pharaoh did to His people all things of gory,
And then God’s justice brought down this mighty nation to the state of sorry.
So there you have it all in one story,
That God does all things for His own glory.

Now for those whose minds are a little curious,
May wonder is it therefore ok to do things with intention spurious,
For if all things are his will,
Then how can it ever make Him furious.

Do you know the time when Jesus was tempted?
Satan told Him something scripturally demented.
For scripture stated that if He plummeted from that huge height,
God’s will, would ensure the angels upheld Him that His foot may not be hurt even slight.
So what did Jesus have to say to that Satan of pest?
He said for scripture says you shall not put God to the test.

So my friend, if you are a believer,
Then know that from God we are just of mercy a receiver,
God loves Himself and He has full right,
For besides Father Son and Spirit
There is no perfect being in sight.
So let’s not blasphemously of Godly equality speak,
But give Him that deserving worship He has taught us to seek.

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