Between God and man; a poem!

There are times man ponders on himself,
That had he not existed,
Would anything matter to himself?

So as he sees himself as the center in all he knows,
He thinks he himself is god,
And that’s the way the world goes,
Cause had he not existed, would anything matter to him so?

But how can that which comes to being be self existent?
Or how that which grows be Omnipotent?
Can that which is learning say it knows all things?
When as life goes on, it the unknown brings.

Satan was probably first who sought to be God,
Until he was smitten by Jesse’s Rod,
God is a Jealous God and tolerates no rivals,
And even the spirit of the anti-Christ serves His purpose in denial,
As all things are created to meet a certain purpose of His,
Which even Satan fulfills, in as much betrayal as in Judas’ kiss.

Man can never become God though God became man,
For as long as man is learning or growing, become God, he never can.
But when man is convinced he knows all,
What awaits this god is only downfall.

In Christ, the fullness of His eternal Father dwelled,
But as a man His meekness meant His head never swelled.
He dealt harshly with hypocritical power,
And to the bruised reed He was their Strong tower.

So fellow man, if it’s you and not Christ around whom you center,
Then the fire you shall inherit shall strike faster that magenta.

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