The standard that this world has set in being religious is such that, God’s pleasure is measured as per man’s feel good factor. The god of this world and its religions is nothing more that the appetites of men, where the stronger the appetite, the more powerful is the god. What I would like toContinue reading “Suffering!”

Between God and man; a poem!

There are times man ponders on himself, That had he not existed, Would anything matter to himself? So as he sees himself as the center in all he knows, He thinks he himself is god, And that’s the way the world goes, Cause had he not existed, would anything matter to him so? But howContinue reading “Between God and man; a poem!”

The Five Solas

“Sola” is Latin meaning “alone” or “only”. The Five Solas are the Latin slogans that emerged from the Reformation with the intention to summarize basic theological principles to distinguish the teaching of the Believing Church from the Humanist teachings that weighed down the Church of that day. The 5 Solas with their scripture references areContinue reading “The Five Solas”