Our Sovereign God! (poem)

Where most people in this world blink,
Is in the thought that God only knows many a thing.
They seem to find it hard to think,
That God even decrees the action of their sins that stink.

If you were to ask: would God decree that what He speaks against?
Think then of the Pharaoh who kept His people as slaves fenced.
Did God not ask Pharaoh to let His people go?
Yet He made him stubborn to make known His All-Might so.

This Pharaoh did to His people all things of gory,
And then God’s justice brought down this mighty nation to the state of sorry.
So there you have it all in one story,
That God does all things for His own glory.

Now for those whose minds are a little curious,
May wonder is it therefore ok to do things with intention spurious,
For if all things are his will,
Then how can it ever make Him furious.

Do you know the time when Jesus was tempted?
Satan told Him something scripturally demented.
For scripture stated that if He plummeted from that huge height,
God’s will, would ensure the angels upheld Him that His foot may not be hurt even slight.
So what did Jesus have to say to that Satan of pest?
He said for scripture says you shall not put God to the test.

So my friend, if you are a believer,
Then know that from God we are just of mercy a receiver,
God loves Himself and He has full right,
For besides Father Son and Spirit
There is no perfect being in sight.
So let’s not blasphemously of Godly equality speak,
But give Him that deserving worship He has taught us to seek.

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