Psalms 49

Hi people I would like to share with you something beautiful about Jesus in the Old Testament.

I will be speaking of Psalm 49 from the Old Testament. I would first like to quote Psalm 49:7-9.

7 A person can never redeem himself;

he cannot pay God the price for his life,

8 because the payment for a human life is too great.

What he could pay would never be enough

9 to keep him from the grave,

to let him live for ever.

The above shows that there is nothing a man can do to earn eternal life, whether it be doing good works, donating a lot to charity, praying, fasting, visiting holy places & he certainly cannot bribe his way into heaven.

Now I would quote verse 15 of the same Psalm.

15 But God will rescue me;

he will save me from the power of death.

You see from the above verse. It is only God who can save you & this God is Jesus. He has paid the price of your sins on that cross. You were to earn death for your sins but it is Jesus who took the death penalty for you. So you see God has offered you eternal life through Christ and all you need to do is believe in what Jesus has done for you.

Now I would like to quote verses 18 to 20 again from the same Psalm.

18 Even if he is satisfied with this life

and is praised because he is successful,

19 he will join all his ancestors in death,

where the darkness lasts for ever.

20 His greatness cannot save him from death;

he will still die like the animals.

The above verses show no mater how much a man is satisfied with his life and no matter how successful he becomes he will still reap the wages of his sin, which is death, unless as from verse 15 he accepts Jesus.

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